If you’ve never heard of pole climbing before then this is the site with all the answers!

Pole climbing in brief

Pole Climbing is a competition where climbers compete against each other to scale an 80ft (25m) wooden pole in the quickest time. Most shows are over 3 days, there are 3 climbs a day, each day you will have the chance to compete for Prize Money given out to the top 6 climbers in each class.


There are two main classes; Expert and Tree Surgeon.

Tree Surgeon Class (Novice)

In this class you will compete using normal side spikes that are used in the Tree Surgery and Utility Business. Weather you have had experience using spikes or not this is a great place to start. Once you win a major competition as a Novice you will be promoted into the Expert Class and will no longer be aloud to compete as a novice.

Expert Class

In this class you use modified spikes where the spike is attached to the front of your foot, this allows you to run up the poles faster. These spikes are made by each climber individually as there is no manufacture.


Terry Bennett using modified toe spikes

Poleclimb.com aims to provide you information of the sport and ways to get involved and become a climber. So take a bit of time to have a look through this website to find out a little more on what this sport is about and the people that take part.

If you wish to find out more then please checkout our Facebook page via the link or contact us over email.

Thanks very much and we hope to see you at the next event!

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