If you’ve never heard of pole climbing before then this is the site with all the answers!

Pole climbing in brief

Competitors compete to see who can reach the top of an 80 or 100 ft pole in the quickest time, using a strop and spikes.

There are two main classes; Expert and Tree Surgeon.

Expert Class – Most use homemade toe spikes and can achieve times between 9-15 seconds.

Tree Surgeon Class – Use side spikes and achieve times of 13 seconds plus.

The first time I tried pole climbing I achieved a time of 28 seconds and spent the rest of the year trying to beat my personal best! Pole climbing quickly became an exciting and fulfilling hobby of mine; one in which you strive to achieve your goals, meet fantastic people and gain a whole new perspective on the world! If you think that pole climbing is something you would like to try, the tree surgeon class is a great place to start. You can book yourself into an event or just come and see what it is all about!

Poleclimb.com aims to provide a forum where people can find out about the sport and where you can register your interest in events throughout the world.

We hope to see you at the next event!

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